Here's a bit of random info about myself.

My name is Stephen Norman Henson but Steve will do. I'm currently 44 but that changes from time to time. I'm currently a freelance crypto consultant but that is all mentioned elsewhere...

I live in the UK specifically Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.

Most recently I've studied at Keele University both for my PhD in Mathematics (Graph Theory) and my first degree in Mathematics and Electronics. At around that time I used the alias Olorin on the odd JANET (no internet access back then) BBS including UnAxcess (but I'll deny all knowledge of that if asked) and my account on the old blue box Tardis machine at Edinburgh University. I'll probably also deny ever having heard of Lorry which is just as well because he will probably deny having heard of me as well... Anyone not knowing who or what Olorin is should try reading Lord of the Rings. Anyone not knowing who or what Lorry is should count themselves lucky.

Going back into ancient history...

I was first at an establishment called alternatively Westlands County Primary School or Westlands Farm. I then attended (too often I might add) the Edward Orme High School (which changed to Sneyd High School and more recently Newcastle Community High School) and their sixth form. Odd that, schools changed their names a lot after I attended them...

If that sounds familiar to someone why not mail me  and find out?

Now a bit more useless info.

DrH Consultancy was going to be my trading name. DrH is short for Dr Henson (what else?). The various computers I use here are called drh1, drh2 etc. The name came from when I had to think of something to call my computer in a hurry and it has sort of stuck. I'm up to drh8 at the moment.

My old email address is a forwarding service and it still works some of the time. However since that email address has been in use for some years and appears in several newsgroups and web pages (including this one) it receives large amounts of  spam and email may get lost sent there.

So please use my current address which is here.